TESTIMONY - nindokan

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For many years Solent Goju Ryu had a reputation as an uncompromising karate school. Kurt Buxey, its original founder, trained  with the pioneers of Goju, Dave Arnold and Mick Lambert,
I have known Kurt for over 45 years but it has only been recently that our schools have become closer. I had been very ill and so was delighted when Kurt contacted me. I hadn’t realized, that we had so much in common.
I had always wanted to meet Dave Arnold Sensei and Kurt was very the instrumental in making this happen, When we did finally meet, we found the three of us were exploring our goju karate and realized we all had something to share with each other.
My relationship with both Dave Sensei and Kurt Sensei is now growing and it is not only us who are enriched but also our students who benefit from a coming together of at least 120 years of goju karate.
Many hours were spent discussing where we had been and where we were going. Nindokan was born out of much thought given to Kurt Sensei’s way of While studying in Japan  my good friend Daniel Tennant Sensei was happy to think of a dojo name befitting  our dojo brother.
To complete this task, Daniel Sensei’s friend a professor in calligraphy put on her mark of approval. Mika Sensei 5th Dan work is quite remarkable and Kurt’s name Nindokan in kanji is simply the best I have seen.
Nindokan is Kurt Buxey. It means  The Way of the Enduring Heart.
Nindokan and Kyudokan will always be connected and I am honored to be given the opportunity to say these few words

David Morris Sensei, Kyudokan

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