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Kurt Buxey Sensei

I started my karate career in the early 70’s, in Goju-Ryu. Nindokan was Born in 2017 when David Morris sensei, who saw what I was doing with my style of karate and found it very interesting and unusual and wanted to take it to Japan with him and introduced it to them and Daniel Tennant Sensei, after a lot of discussions over many days Daniel sensei and Mika Sensei asked about my way of life and how I worked in life ,my nature, my health and what I had been through in my years and came up with Nindokan (enduring heart) the new name for the club, Mika sensei then created the kanji for the club cementing my resolve to continue in my new path of continued development and teaching of Nindokan karate.Kurt Sensei is a senior Martial Arts Coach for Active Nation, Teaching under privileged & disabled adults in Hampshire on a daily basis, Kurt is also working with Beechwood School & Springhill School on the UK School Program
Teaching Martial arts weekly to children at School’s in Southampton Nindokan Karate is a system devised by Sensei Kurt Buxey and has firm roots in Goju Ryu karate.
Sensei Kurt has developed Nindokan, drawing experiences from his 40 years plus in Goju ryu, the many years of door and security work and other influences.
He recognised that many Karate styles including Goju Ryu, if trained too traditionally, may not be that effective in real life.
Nindokan is not a sport or a style, it is a system that can really work on the street simply and without any compromise.
“Keeping it Real”Nindokan teaches RBT (Reality Base Training) refers to a system of Goju-Ryu Karate that focus exclusively on reality based
Karate scenarios and conditions. Hence the word “reality based”Unlike mixed martial arts and other martial arts styles, RBT is not a hobby or sport and it does not participate in
Tournaments or sport combat Competitions. Nindokan is all about learning how to defend yourself and survive the streets of today. Nindokan can be the difference
between becoming the Victim or becoming empowered. Empower yourself with no nonsense self-protection skills that could Someday save your life!
This System was devised by Kurt sensei throughout his 43 years in the Martial Arts and has taken 8 years to put together this reality based Defence that will suit all ages
especially women and children or the older generation so come and join us.
Kurt Sensei and the team of Instructor pride themselves in the teaching of Nindokan Tigers these are classes of children from 3 years to 9 years working on co'ordination and pad work slowly working into basic Karate movement's the children love these classes.
since all this I have now renewed my relationship with Dave Arnold sensei & David Morris sensei
I would like to take this opportunity to thank for your friendship and support.
Sensei, Dave Andrews, Sempai Graham Walker, Sempai Sue Snow, Sempai, Martin Robertson.                                                                                                                                                                 
  A very special thanks go out to these guys the Founders of Nindokan Karate
David Morris Sensei ( for being Karate brother )
Daniel Tennant, sensei ( for the name Nindokan )  
Mika Nakazato sensei (  for the kanji )  
Sirou Okado sensei ( for being my mentor ).

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