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Kurt Buxey Sensei

I started my karate career in the early 70’s, under three instructors Mike Lambert Sensei, Dave Arnold Sensei, Kim Roberts Sensei.

Mike Lambert Sensei & Dave Arnold Sensei trained on the Isle of Wight and I used train with them every other weekend end or whenever possible mainly at Dave Arnold Sensei Own Dojo in Cowes, he was a hard Instructor and still is to this day.  In those days I would train 5 nights a week Monday to Friday then every other weekend on the isle of Wight, I also took part many competitions. and study & trained in many SAS Tactical & Survival courses.  
In the early 80’s Martial arts was made popular by film & Television, so the club changed its name to Goju-Ryu Karate Remnei, then changing again in 1982 to St Mary, Karate club. Then yet again we decided to move to Thornhill and, yet another name change this time it was the start of Eastpoint Karate Club that was around 1984ish. I took both my 1st Dan & 2nd Dan at that club.

my 3rd Dan was taken in Birkenhead, Near Liverpool on a course with Dave Arnold Sensei/ Kim Roberts Sensei & Stevie Goldstone Sensei (I didn't know I was grading until the line-up was called) I was only there to help with the gradings.
I remain there until around 1987ish maybe a little later I'm a little unsure of the date, but I then started my own club Solent Goju-Ryu in Romsey, Northam & Totton all the clubs were very successful we then joined Bukonkai International. Then in 1992 I got my 4th Dan during a specialist kata course in Reading in front of a panel of instructors.
The solent goju ryu grew from strength to strength then in 1995 I was asked to join the AMA but found it to be political and moved on to join the EKO in 1997 with Dave Sharkey Sensei, I was awarded my 5th Dan in Birmingham in 1999.
Solent Goju-Ryu Karate continued until 2017, when I changed its name to Nindokan.
it has taking me many years to get my style of Goju to the way I think it should flow and be applied I had spent many cold hours on Weston shore working on moves laughing at the strange looks I got from dog walkers in the early hours.
if it wasn't for the guys I had in the club at that time running things for me, Dave Andrews Sensei/Graham Walker Sempai/ Sue Snow Sempai  these guys stood buy me during my illness the big C and kept me going and this is really why the style I was working on was born.
2016 out of the blue at a summer camp Roger Sheldon Sensei (Shinseido Shorin Ryu Karate) happened to see what I was doing and suggested I push it forward.
in 2017 along came David Morris sensei, who saw what I was doing with my style of karate and found it very interesting and unusual and wanted to take it to Japan with him and introduced it to them and Daniel Tennant Sensei, after a lot of discussions over many days Daniel sensei and Mika Sensei asked about my way of life and how I worked in life ,my nature, my health and what I had been through in my years and came up with Nindokan (enduring heart) the new name for the club, Mika sensei then created the kanji for the club cementing my resolve to continue in my new path of continued development and teaching of Nindokan karate.
since all this I have now renewed my relationship with Dave Arnold sensei & David Morris sensei and have been over to Dave Arnold home in France for a few days to train and spend time with him and his family and are planning to hold future karate camps and regular courses at his dojo there.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank for your friendship and support.
Sensei, Dave Andrews, Sempai Graham Walker, Sempai Sue Snow, Sempai, Martin Robertson.                                                                                                                                                                 
Dave Arnold Sensei (for being my brother and Instructor ) Jo Arnold (my lovely sister).   

A very special thanks go out to these guys the Founders of Nindokan Karate
David Morris Sensei ( for being Karate brother )
Daniel Tennant, sensei ( for the name Nindokan )  
Mika Nakazato sensei (  for the kanji )  
Sirou Okado sensei ( for being my mentor ).

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