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Sirou Okado Sensei.

A Master of Goju-ryu karate in mainland Japan.
Sirou Okado Sensei has now become my mentor and a true gentleman who has guided me through my Nindokan study, a man who has become a great friend.
It has been a great honour to be associated with him, long may it last

Mika Nakazato Sensei

Mika Sensei started Japanese Calligraphy at the age of 6 years
with the Japanese Calligraphy Foundation,Mika became a Professor with the
Foundation she now teaches classes in the said profession.
Mika is a master of Japanese Callligraphy.
Mika Sensei sent me the Kanji of Nindokan which she wrote for me in Japan.
She has become a very close friend and it is an honour for me
to have had her involved in the creation of Nindokan Martial Arts.
Here are some pictures & a video of Mika Sensei working her magic.

Mika Sensei
Performing the art of Japanese Calligraphgy.
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