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Nindokan Karate

Kurt Sensei is a senior Martial Arts Coach for Active Nation, Teaching under privileged & disabled adults in Hampshire on a daily basis, Kurt is also working with Beechwood School & Springhill School on the UK School Program Teaching Martial arts weekly to children at School’s in Southampton
 Nindokan Karate is a system devised by Sensei Kurt Buxey and has firm roots in Goju Ryu karate.
 Sensei Kurt has developed Nindokan, drawing experiences from his 40 years plus in Goju ryu, the many years of door and security work and other influences.
 He recognised that many Karate styles including Goju Ryu, if trained too traditionally, may not be that effective in real life.
 Nindokan is not a sport or a style, it is a system that can really work on the street simply and without any compromise.
 “Keeping it Real”
 Nindokan teaches RBT (Reality Base Training) refers to a system of Goju-Ryu Karate that focus exclusively on reality based
 Karate scenarios and conditions. Hence the word “reality based”
 Unlike mixed martial arts and other martial arts styles, RBT is not a hobby or sport and it does not participate in
 Tournaments or sport combat Competitions. Nindokan is all about learning how to defend yourself
 and survive the streets of today. Nindokan can be the difference between becoming the Victim or becoming empowered.
 Empower yourself with no nonsense self-protection skills that could Someday save your life!
 This System was devised by Kurt sensei throughout his 43 years in the Martial Arts and has taken 8 years to put together this reality based Defence that will suit all ages especially women and children or the older generation so come and join us.
Kurt Sensei and the team of Instructor pride themselves in the teaching of Nindokan Tigers these are
classes of children from 3 years to 9 years working on co'ordination and pad work slowly working into basic
Karate movement's the children love these classes.
Kids Classes:             Adult Classes:           Regular Gradings:             Parents Welcome:
Karate Birthday Party for your Child:              "Join up Now dont wait till its to late"             
For More Details call Kurt: 07723 330178

We are at 10th Romsey Scout Hall Braishsfield Road Romsey SO51 7TU
Adult Classes Sundays from 5.00pm till 6.30pm
Pad & Bag Work for  beginners,
( Fluent movement ,Flowing Martial arts )
Masters Class
Wednesdays at Romsey Comrades Club Nindokan Masters Class 7.30pm till 8.30pm
with Weapon Training on this day and to descuss any concerns you have about your Karate

Romsey Rapids, Saturdays from 4.00pm till 5.00pm
Nindokan tiger Cubs 4 years up to 10 years Red Gi Tiger Badge
Nindokan Juniors 11 years to 15 years Red Gi Black Kanji
Adults also welcome to this specialist class
Romsey Rapids Saturdays from 4,00pm till 5,00pm Children & Adult Classes
Kick Pads, Bag Work, Striking Pads, Begginers Instruction with Sensei Kurt.
Learn how to punch and kick the Nindokan way.
You won't regret it!

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